Level of adherence to home-based exercise program among patients with mechanical low back pain in selected affiliated rehabilitation centers of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute in Cavite

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Treatment Adherence and Compliance, mExercise, Low Back Pain, Rehabilitation Centers


The study used a descriptive-survey type of questionnaire that was published in English and was translated to Filipino. Preset of 19 patients were chosen by purposive sampling and met the inclusion criteria. The data collected from the survey questionnaire was tallied into frequency distribution table and analyzed descriptively. Based on the results of this study, the most adherent to HBEP as to socio-demographic profile were as follows: within 21-25 age groups, female, married and post graduates. As to clinical profile, the most adherent were patients with LBP for seven (7) to eight (8) months, pain scale of 8/10, had access to equipment and received support from health care provider. As to components of HBEP, the most adherent were prescribed with low intensity exercises with duration of 31-45 minutes, frequency of 5x a week and received written instructions for the home exercises. Overall, the result of the study proved that patients with mechanical LBP have a moderate level of adherence to their HBEP with a mean score of 2.35. This study recommends HBEP composed of low intensity exercises for 31-45 minutes, 5x a week with appropriate written instructions.

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