Level of awareness and level of satisfaction of persons with disabilities regarding the implementation of their rights and privileges in accordance to the Magna Carta for person with disability in Dasmarinas

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Disabled Persons


This is a quantitative descriptive research design using non-probability purposive sampling based on the pre-specified criteria. There were 188 PWD respondents who answered the questionnaires and had no intellectual problems. The researchers used a 4-point Likert scale self-made questionnaire with multiple close-ended questions designed to measure the level of awareness and level of satisfaction of the PWDs. The data collected was tabulated, discussed and analyzed through frequency distribution. Measures of central tendency and percentage were used to interpret the Likert scale data. Percentage was used to determine the proportion of the respondents in terms of their answers in the survey regarding their level of awareness and level of satisfaction in the implementation of Magna Carta in Dasmarinas. It was concluded in this study that there are interlaying factors such as education, type of disability and age which can affect the level of awareness of the PWDs with the law compared with the other determinants such as gender. On the other hand, no such determinants greatly influenced the respondent's level of satisfaction.

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