Level of readiness of De La Salle University Medical Center towards implementation of electronic health record system

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Electronic Health Records


The specific areas of readiness assessed were the administrative capacity in terms of management capacity, operational capacity, organizational alignment, finance and budget capacity, and technology capacity. The descriptive research design was utilized through survey. The data was gathered through a questionnaire that was administered to a respondent based on job description. The employees who held administrator, managerial, PT staff and physiatrist positions answered the management, operational and organizational part, the IT staff answered the technology capacity part and finance and budget employees answered the finance and budget capacity. Data was analyzed through arbitrary scale and mean. The results of the study showed that the overall readiness towards implementation of Electronic Health Record system of De La Salle University Medical Center had an overall mean of 3.82 interpreted as being probably ready. Based on the California Academy of Family Physicians (2011), probably ready corresponds with the description that "your practice understands the value of implementing an EHR. Management and team have worked to prepare enough to satisfy the pre-work and are ready for any challenges during the adoption process encountering slight difficulties." The area of readiness with the highest mean readiness score was the finance and budget capacity. Operational capacity had the lowest score.

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