Level of stress and coping mechanism of DLS-HSI Physical Therapy Batch 2013 during their internship

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Financial Stress, Adaptation, Psychological, Internship and Residency


The objectives of this study is to determine the level of stress and coping mechanisms among DLS-HSI Physical Therapy Batch 2013 interns during their internship as to finances, academics, clinical experiences and interpersonal relationships. The researchers utilized qualitative and quantitative methods of research using convenience sampling. The respondents of this study are Physical Therapy batch 2013 interns from DLSHSI who have undergone their clinical rotation in different affiliated centers and academic rotation. The 49 respondents were given questionnaires to rate their level of stress as to the aforementioned. Data was analyzed through frequency distribution and mean. Based on the results, the highest level of stress as to finances is being unable to meet financial demands during internship, the fear of falling the course as to academics, the absence of a family member or peer to seek for support as to interpersonal relationships and lastly, difficult and irate patients as the highest level of stress in clinical experiences. Majority of the answers for the coping mechanism for finances is to orient self away from stress, while for academics is acting on it directly. On the other hand, majority of the coping mechanism for interpersonal relationship is modulating their emotional reactions, and on the domain of clinical experiences, majority answered acting on the stressor directly. The overall stress level of the respondents is moderate, academic stress as having the highest level of stress, followed by clinical experiences, finances and interpersonal relationships as having the least level of stress.

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