Effectiveness of lower extremity plyometric exercise drills on improving the static jump male recreational athletes at DLSHSI

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Lower Extremity, Exercise, Athletes


This study used a true experimental research design in which 20 participants were purposively selected and randomly allocated into a training group and a control group using fishbowl technique. Both groups performed Sargent Jump Test at pre-test to determine the baseline vertical jump. Ten (10) participants in the training group underwent lower extremity plyometric exercise drills for six (6) weeks at (frequency) per week while the other 10 participants in the control group did not receive any intervention and were asked to carry on with their regular activities. At the end of six (6) weeks, Sargent Jump Test was again used to determine the vertical jump height at post-test. The mean difference of pre- and post-test scores showed improvement in the vertical jump height in the training group compared to the control group after six (6) weeks of lower extremity plyometric training.

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