A Descriptive study of factors affecting clients' preference in choosing De La Salle Health Sciences Institute affiliated physical therapy rehabilitation centers in Cavite

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Rehabilitation Centers, Patient Preference


A descriptive study was conducted among 131 outpatients using a researcher-developed questionnaire to determine the factors affecting clients’ preferences in choosing DLSHSI affiliated physical rehabilitation clinics in Cavite. Qualified participants were selected through haphazard/accidental or convenience sampling. Specifically, the objectives were to determine the profile of the clients seeking physical therapy services as to age, sex, educational attainment, civil status, monthly family income, location and medical diagnosis and to determine the perceived rating of preset factors that affect clients preference in choosing DLSHSI affiliated rehabilitation centers in Cavite as to cost of treatment, waiting time, convenience and transportation, distance from client's location, hospital image, convenient administrative procedures, and health insurance coverage. Self-administered questionnaire was constructed which composed of demographic profile, clinical profile, and list of factors that may influence patients’ preference towards selection of PT rehabilitation clinic. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics such as frequency distribution and mean. The results of the study showed that as to facilities, convenient administrative procedures, convenience and transportation, and distance from patient’s location are among the top three (3) factors considered by clients in determining their choice of physical therapy rehabilitation facility. In terms of personnel factors, PT patient relationship was the leading consideration among the clients.

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