A descriptive study on the postoperative anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation program by De La Salle University Medical Center

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Anterior Cruciate Ligament, Preoperative Exercise


This qualitative study involved a purposive sampling of five (5) physical therapists from DLSUMC who were interviewed about the specific therapeutic exercises, modalities, precautions, and criteria of progression that they use and follow during postoperative ACL rehabilitation. Thematic analysis was used to present and analyze the data. After analyzing the results of the study, the researchers concluded that the rehabilitation program used by DLSUMC, including the exercises and its parameters, modalities, precautions, and criteria to advance to the next phase for criteria for discharge, for the postoperative management after ACL reconstruction is based on the physical therapists’ decision and on the patient’s condition and capability. There were cases when the physical therapists also consult the physician and depend on the doctor’s orders. The rehabilitation program used by DLSUMC when compared to the standard rehabilitation program as stated in Kisner and Colby (2012) has lesser number of exercises and is less advanced. However, DLSUMC applies more modalities in all phases of rehabilitation program.

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