Descriptive profile of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute physical therapy proper students using physical fitness variables

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Physical Fitness


This research study was conducted to determine the status of physical fitness among the PT proper population in each of the respective aspects of fitness, namely: muscular endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, speed, power, agility, reaction time, balance, and waist circumference. The researchers utilized a quantitative descriptive research design. A total population of 110 subjects, with 84 4th year students and 26 3rd year students were selected using the non-probability convenience sampling. Data were obtained through tabulation into several graphs categorized by the pertinent data like age, gender, height and etc. according to their respective test with population frequencies and averages involved and correlated into overall physical fitness by the corresponding normative values of each indicators. The researchers have found that among the determinants of physical fitness, the areas with a high to low percentage of fitness is seen in cardiovascular endurance (100%), flexibility (96.36%), coordination (90%), agility (81.82%), body composition (72.73%), balance (46.35%), reaction time (38.18%), strength (33.64%), speed (25.45%), and power (1.82%). The researchers concluded that the current PT proper population has a need for improvement in specific areas to have maximal efficiency in performance for serving the needs of patients.

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