Domain of affectation and profile of children with special needs in the 2nd and 3rd district of Cavite (Research Locale Set C)

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Disabled Children, Affective Symptoms


This study aimed to describe the profile of children with special needs or disabilities (CNSs) ages 0-21 at selected barangays of Bacoor and Imus in terms of age, gender, education, economic status, non-monetary support system, rehabilitation services received, and educational services received. No sampling technique was used in the research process. Data was gathered by way of interviews and questionnaire by the barangay health workers and researchers based on a predetermined list from the PDAO or a recognized child in their community. Data was collected, tallied and placed into tables and graphs. Percentages were computed and data was analyzed descriptively. Results of the study showed that in Bacoor and Imus, most CSNs are adolescents. Many CSNs do not attend school mainly because of lack of money to sustain it because majority of the families belong to Class E and Class D and they perceive themselves as belonging to the middle income (low bracket) and low income group. Despite this, parents are very much willing to send them to school and non-monetary support such as attention and caregiving are sufficiently provided by the children's parents.

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