Domain of functional affectation and profile of children with special needs in the 2nd and 3rd district of Cavite (research locale set E)

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Disabled Children, Affective Symptoms


This is a descriptive quantitative study that used a questionnaire which was directly adopted from validated tool released by the College of Rehabilitation Sciences in order to gather data from the research locales. Subject used were children with special needs that were 21 years old and below at the time the study was conducted. Data was analyzed through frequency, percentage and mean. The results of the study stated that majority of CSN were aged 6-12 years old and male. Most families belonged to Class E and had low income. Majority of CSN were not enrolled in schools; those enrolled in school were in regular education. The most common condition of CSN in Bacoor was Down Syndrome while cerebral palsy in Imus. Lastly, the speech, language and communication domain was the most prevalent. Given the results, the researchers concluded that most CSN in Bacoor and Imus were not getting appropriate education and health care due to financial limitation. Adequate educational support should be given to children with special needs. On the other hand, the speech, language and communication domain needs to be focused on in terms of allocation of services.

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