Clinical competency of Filipino physical therapist : an employer's perspective

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Clinical Competence, Physical Therapists


This study analyzed the clinical competency of Filipino physical therapists through a qualitative study approach. It was conducted through in-depth interviews on the perceptions of clinical competency by the employers from NCR and CALABARZON. Twenty two (22) out of 84 employers passed in the inclusion criteria. Data was analyzed as to the themes that most employers perceived for the clinical competency. The themes gathered were compared to the conceptual framework through pattern matching method of the case study design. The findings of this study revealed that clinical competency is the application of the theoretical and academic knowledge to clinical practice guided by the clinical and non-clinical skills. Clinical skills comprise of excellence through knowledge, communication skills and patient care. Non-clinical skills consist of accountability, compassion and caring and coping skills. These skills are further developed through experience and expertise based on the years of service.

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