Comparison between the DLSHSI CRS and EAC school of PT students' perceptions on their learning environment using the DREEM questionnaire

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Learning, Physical Therapy


This is a descriptive quantitative research study that attempted to accumulate data regarding the perception of the students on their educational environment. A survey research design was chosen using the DREEM Questionnaire. All bonafide 5th year students enrolled in the BSPT program, school year 2012-2013 in De La Salle Health Sciences Institute College of Rehabilitation Sciences and in Emilio Aguinaldo College School of Physical Therapy were qualified as subjects in this study. Data was analysed using item and mean analysis.The results showed that in the learning environment perception subscale, half of the EAC students agreed that they have a more positive perception on learning. Meanwhile, students in DLSHSI CRS generally believe that their learning environment is more positive than negative. On the students' perception as to teaching environment, majority of EAC students believe they are moving in the right direction on learning. On the other hand, students of DLSHSI CRS had the same interpretation which suggests that the institution is moving on the right direction, teaching-wise.

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