The Comparison of the effects of Skype and SMS/MMS in the conduct of initial evaluation among patients with stroke in Paliparan III, Dasmarinas City, Cavite

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Stroke, Telemedicine


This study used a descriptive-correlation type of research design. In choosing the respondents, the researchers used a non-probability convenience sampling method. The interns of the De La Salle University Medical Center conducted initial evaluation to the post-stroke patients in Paliparan III. The data were sent via Skype and SMS/MMS to the licensed Physical Therapist in De La Salle Health Sciences Institute. After the conduct of initial evaluation, the interns and physical therapist were given questionnaires to compare the effects of Skype and SMS/MMS in conducting initial evaluation. The researchers tallied the data and interpreted the results. In overall mean as to cost, results showed that Skype has a good effect and SMS/MMS showed moderate effects. As to time, results showed that Skype has good effect while SMS/MMS showed moderate effect. As to accessibility, Skype showed good effect while SMS/MMS showed moderate effect. As to knowledge, both results showed good effect. Based from the overall mean, the comparison of Skype versus SMS/MMS is significant. The researchers concluded that the use of Skype application in the conduct of evaluation has better effects in cost, time, accessibility, and knowledge compared to the use of SMS/MMS application.

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