Quality of life of children with disabilities catered by DLSHSI satellite centers receiving rehabilitation services

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Disabled Children, Quality of Life


This study used a qualitative research study design. The participants were chosen through purposive sampling. A pre-screening questionnaire was utilized in accordance to the researchers’ inclusion and exclusion criteria. Twenty (20) CWDs were able to meet the criteria. To determine the quality of life of the participants, a semi-structured interview was conducted among the parents/caregivers of the participants. The gathered data were then analyzed through thematic analysis to know how rehabilitation services affect the quality of life as to physical and social functioning through formation of codes and themes. Based on the results, rehabilitation services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech and language pathology showed improvements on the physical and social functioning of children with disabilities.

First Advisor

Mary Angelica Legaspi

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