Readiness of College of Rehabilitation Sciences at De La Salle Health Sciences Institute in implementing blended learning

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Blended Learning


A descriptive quantitative study design using a researcher made questionnaire was utilized to gather data among all faculty members teaching for at 1 year in the three departments of the College of Rehabilitation Sciences-Department of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech and Language pathology and Basic Sciences and Medical Unit. The sampling method used by the researchers was total enumeration. Out of 48 faculty members in the Physical Therapy department, 44 satisfied the criteria and only 10 faculty members answered the questionnaire given. Out of the 22 faculty members of Occupational Therapy department, 19 satisfied the criteria however, none of the respondents indicated which departments they belonged to. Out of the eight (8) Speech and Language Pathology faculty members, eight (8) satisfied the criteria and none answered the given questionnaire. There was a total of 17 participants in the study, but there were faculty members who did not state which department they belonged to. Data was analyzed through mean and frequency distribution. According to the results, all three factors (curriculum, faculty, and technology) were interpreted as a moderate indicator of readiness, which means overall, the College of Rehabilitation Sciences is ready to a moderate extent as to implementation of blended learning. Since only 17 respondents were included in the study, the results may not be generalized due to the small number of participants.

First Advisor

Jeanelle Louise S. Dumalag

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