Actual utilization and perception of physical therapists on the predictors and nature of research utilization

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Physical Therapists, Rehabilitation Research


The respondents of the study were physical therapists in selected clinics in Manila and Cavite. It used Research Utilization Questionnaire which was adopted and modified from Champion and Leach (1989). Results were analyzed by utilizing percentage scores and frequency counts on items such as demographic data, actual utilization of information sources, predictors of research utilization, nature of research utilization and barriers of EBP implementation. The respondents utilized information sources such as internet access to find relevant research studies. They were also indecisive with their perceived use of research evidence as to the nature of research utilization. Furthermore, although respondents of the current study had positive attitude toward research utilization, majority of the respondents still perceived their lack of interest in evidence-based practice as one of their top three barriers.

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