Effectiveness of patient education in improving the knowledge of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute maintenance personnel regarding proper body mechanics at work

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Patient Education as Topic, Housekeeper, Gardener, Musculoskeletal Diseases


The research design used to fulfill the objective of the study was one group pretest and posttest design, which was a type of quasi experimental research. A total of fifty (50) respondents which consisted of thirty-nine (39) housekeepers and eleven (11) gardeners of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute, participated in this study, Purposive sampling was the sampling technique used to select participants. This study utilized a researcher-made, 15 item questionnaire regarding proper body mechanics with sub-topics including the definition and importance of proper body mechanics, consequence of improper body mechanics, and proper posture in lifting, reaching and performance in work-related activities of a maintenance personnel. it also included conditioning exercises before and during working hours. The researchers utilized frequency, percentage and t-test. Results showed that most the respondents significantly improved their knowledge in all aspects of proper body mechanics except to its importance, consequence or improper body mechanics and proper lifting. Nevertheless, the overall difference between pretest and posttest scores revealed that patient education significantly improved the knowledge of respondents. Therefore, this research concluded that patient education was effective in increasing the knowledge of maintenance personnel regarding proper body mechanics.

First Advisor

Ethel A. Saqueton

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