Validity and reliability of goniometer pro app in measuring shoulder ROM among PT students of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Shoulder Injuries


This study used a non-experimental quantitative descriptive method of research. The study was conducted at Wang Building, De La Salle Health Sciences Institute which consisted at 36 respondents who are PT students of DLSHSI aged 18-30, male and female without any past or present shoulder injuries and they were selected using purposive sampling technique. And 4 assessors who are licenses Physical Therapists practicing at St. Paul Hospital and they were selected using convenience sampling technique. In conducting the research, three (3) tools were used to gather data which included Universal Goniometer, Goniometer Pro application using the smartphone (iPhone5), and a Data Sheet for the gathering of results. The implementation of the study was done in two testing occasions to test for interrater and test retest reliability. ICC was used to analyze ROM data to quantify reliability and validity. Data analysis yielded ICC score of 0.73 for interrates reliability (Good), 0.81 for test-retest reliability (Excellent) and 0.87 for concurrent validity (Good). Given the results of a good validity and reliability. Goniometer Pro App can be used as an alternative to measure shoulder range of motion. With this, usage of this smartphone application can be applicable in the clinical setting given that Goniometer Pro App should not be used to measure interchangeably with the Universal Goniometer. In clinical use, results may have significant clinical difference if Goniometer Pro App and Universal Goniometer are used interchangeably. The researchers conclude that shoulder ROM measurements with the use of Goniometer Pro App is high reliable both in repeated measurements or between different assessors and that should ROM measurements generated for the Goniometer Pro App were proven to be valid when compared with measurements from Universal Goniometer.

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Pathuel M. Pomaloy

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