Comparative profiling of selected male and female children with down syndrome using specific outcome measures given 6 minute walk test

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Down Syndrome, Children, Walk Test


The research design used was quantitative type of research analyzed using statistical analysis. the participants were from Dr. Jose P. Rizal Elementary School and Burol elementary School aged from 7-12 years old who did not present with physical disabilities that would hinder their ability to walk and was able to follow 2-3 step commands. Participants were selected using purposive sampling. The parents/guardians of the participants were asked to answer a questionnaire for screening. Afterwards, the passed participants were assessed using the 6-Minute Walk Test. Their blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation were taken before and after the assessment. More so, their rate of perceived exertion was obtained after the assessment using a modified Borg Scale using visual representation. Theses clinical data were compared between male and female. Based on the data gathered, it is evident that children with Down syndrome have a low endurance but there is no significant difference in terms of clinical profile between the two gender.

First Advisor

Katrina Angelica S. Servida

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