Effectiveness of patient education in improving the knowledge of persons with diabetes mellitus regarding exercise in barangay San Agustin II City of Dasmarinas, Cavite

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Diabetes Mellitus, Exercise, Patient Education as Topic


A quasi-experimental study using purposive sampling was adopted to determine the effectiveness of patient education. The researchers invited 36 persons (31 females and 5 males) with diabetes mellitus aged 25-60 years old to participate in this study which was conducted in Manuella Ville, Brgy. San Agustin II, Dasmarinas City, Cavite. The intervention included a one-day implementation consisting of an hour of patient education. The participants were given a pre-test to answer prior to the intervention and another test was answered after. For the research instruments, the researchers included a patient manual with one-hour discussion and demonstration of exercises and questionnaires. To analyze the gathered datas a frequency distribution and correlated t-test was used and to interpret the scores of the participants's performances in both the pre-test and post-test, an arbitrary scoring system was adopted form the Department of Education. The results of the study showed significant improvements in the scores of the participants in all categories except for the definition of DM, due to high pre-test scores, and exercise duration, possibly due to difficulty with large numbered questions. Overall the participants increased in scores from a pre-test score of 60% with a description of "did not meet expectations" to a post-test score of 89.17% which is "very satisfactory." In conclusion, the use of patient education was found to be effective in increasing knowledge on exercise amongst patients with diabetes mellitus.

First Advisor

Ethel A. Saqueton

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