Adherence level of physical therapists in following the Philippine Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine (PARM) low back pain rehabilitation guidelines in the affiliated centers of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute in the province of Cavite

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Low Back Pain, Guideline Adherence, Physical Therapists


This is a descriptive correlational study involving 45 respondents consisting of PT staffs, PT volunteer and PT interns who are currently working in the affiliated centers of DLSHSI namely De La Salle University Medical Center, St. Paul Hospital, Tagaytay Medical Center and St. Dominic Medical Center. The researchers used a self-made 5 point Likert scale questionnaire that was derived from PARM guidelines for low back pain. The data was analyzed by interpreting the mean and by using the Kruskal-Wallis H Test and Mann-Whitney U Test to determine if there was any significant difference between the variables. The research yielded an overall high level of adherence to the Philippine Academy Rehabilitation Medicine (PARM) Low Back Pain Rehabilitation Guidelines. The results showed that there was a significant difference as to the adherence in the guidelines as to the number of low back pain patients handled. There was no significant difference on the level of adherence of physical therapists between gender, year of experience, age, and designation/position. The study concluded that there was an overall high adherence level between the PT staff, PT interns, PT supervisor and volunteers in selected affiliated centers of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute in following PARM low back pain rehabilitation guidelines. The researchers recommended to do a follow up study regarding the topic in other provinces other than Cavite and conduct it in a large group of population.

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