Readiness of the College of Rehabilitation Sciences of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute in offering physical therapy graduate programs

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Physical Therapy, Program Evaluation, Education, Graduate


This was a quantitative descriptive type of study in which aims to determine the readiness of the College of Rehabilitation Sciences of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute in offering Physical Therapy Graduate Programs, with the use of a researcher made questionnaire attained from the perception of the faculty of PT and a dichotomous type of scale for the review of records to assess the standards by made by CHED namely CMO 04, series of 2016, "Guidelines for Graduate Education Delivery for Faculty and Staff Development in the K to 12 transition period" and CHED Memorandum Order No. 36 Series of 1998, 'Policies and Standards on Graduate Education". in which the researchers used the nine (9) standards namely Program Outcomes, Accreditation Requirements, Administration, Faculty, Admission, Curriculum, Library, Laboratory, and Research that were used to measure readiness. The researchers used total enumeration wherein all members of the whole target were selected. The respondents were composed of the College's Dean, Vice Dean, and the members of the faculty of the PT Department, in which had a total of 29, on the other hand three (3) respondents were omitted due to their inconsistencies in answering the questionnaire as to the demographic profile, in which lead from a total of 32 to 29. Frequency distribution, percentage and mean were used for data analysis. Based on the results, the researchers found that the following policies which had the highest mean overall scores upon gathering the results: Library Facilities, Program Outcomes and lastly, Laboratory Facilities in which theses three (3) policies were rated as high evidence of compliance which translates to strong indicator of the readiness of Department of PT in offering post-graduate programs based on the survey and for the review of records, only the faculty has garnered positive results while Accreditation Requirements, Administration, and Research all had no indicator of the readiness of the Department of Physical Therapy in offering post-graduate programs.

First Advisor

Joannalyn B. Juego

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