Overall factors that influence the decisions of physical therapists in hospitals and rehabilitation clinics in Cavite in pursuing post-baccalaureate degree

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Physical Therapists, Education, Graduate


The study used a descriptive research design and purposive type of sampling. The respondents were physical therapist working in hospitals and rehabilitation clinics in Cavite. Survey method using a questionnaire was used to gather necessary information. Data was analyzed using mean, frequency and percentage. The results of the study showed that personal factor was the most influential overall factor that influences the decision of physical therapists in pursuing post baccalaureate degree. Good income expectation, personal interest, and social expectation appeared to be the top three most influential sub-factors respectively. The authors recommend future researchers to study relationships between each factors and demographics of the respondents, conduct study in other parts or regions of the country, compute for the confidence interval, and may not limit themselves on master's degree for physical therapist alone, but consider other post baccalaureate degree such as medicine and doctorate degrees.

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Jeanelle Louise S. Dumalag

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