Assessment of the campus services of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute in Academic Year 2013-2014

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


School Management and Organization


This study used a descriptive research design to determine the performance gap (computed by subtracting level of satisfaction from the importance level) on the campus services provided by De La Salle Health Sciences Institute to Physical Therapy students in the Academic Year 2012-2013. In order to gather data, the researchers used a 78-item questionnaire to assess the level of importance and satisfaction of the students on the services delivered to them. The data was analyzed using frequency distribution, percentage and mean. Results showed that the campus services were very important in general, with the Instructional Effectiveness Scale as the most important scale to be delivered according to majority of students. In terms of satisfaction levels, the students were satisfied with the delivery of the campus services in general. Specifically, they were most satisfied with how the services under the Instructional Effectiveness Scale were being delivered to them.

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