Perception of physicians and nurses on the role of the clinical pharmacist in the Emergency Department at De La Salle University Medical Center

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Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy


Clinical Pharmacist, clinical role, Emergency Department


A descriptive research design was used to conduct the study. The sample size was calculated using the formula of purposive sampling. The calculated number of respondents has a total of 40; 23 were nurses and 17 were physicians. Data gathering were conducted on April 22-24, 2018 and survey questionnaire was disseminated in the Emergency Department of De La Salle University Medical Center. The survey questionnaire was made in English and consists of two sections: first section contains demographic information of the respondents. Second section, contains 14 questions which represent the roles of a Clinical Pharmacist as part of the healthcare team in providing quality healthcare weighted mean independent sample T-test procedure was conducted for sample comparisons of means. The study concluded that there is no significant difference in the perception of other healthcare professionals on the clinical role of the pharmacist. This implies that the evaluations of physicians and nurses have the same insight on the clinical roles of a pharmacist in the emergency department and they have successfully identified the roles of a clinical pharmacist as part of the healthcare team that can provide quality healthcare to all.

First Advisor

Karen Jeanet R. Navarro, RPh

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