Knowledge, attitude, and practices on skincare product selection and use among female consumers of DLSMHSI senior high school

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Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy


skincare, knowledge, attitude, practices, sources of information, skincare product selection and use


Skincare has been an essential part of the daily routine of women as they curate their own skincare routine with accessible media sources, thus, increasing the risk of exposure to misleading information may subsequently affect the knowledge, attitude, and practices on skincare products. The study aims to determine the sociodemographic profile of the female students of DLSMHSI-SHSSHS, their level of knowledge, attitude, and practice on skincare product selection and use, their sources of information, and the relationships between variables. This study is questionnaire-based descriptive research that was participated by 103 respondents via Google forms. Based on the results, the majority obtained have a high level of knowledge, positive attitude, and practices. Online social media was also revealed to be the most utilized information source by the respondents. It was shown that there is no significant difference in the level of knowledge on skincare products relative to the year level and age while only the respondents’ level of attitude and practices were found to be significantly associated. In conclusion, given that female students of DLSMHSI are taking up health-allied subjects, the researchers conclude that they possess sufficient knowledge, favorable attitude, and practices on skincare products and their selection and use.

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Leigh Don T. Villanueva

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