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Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy


Telepharmacy, Independent Pharmacy Owners, Bacoor, Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)


Telepharmacy is an alternate method of providing pharmaceutical services to the public using Information and Communication Technology (ICT). However, in this study, telepharmacy was referred to as an internet ordering system that provides patient counseling via audio or video chat. This study examined the perceived usefulness, attitude, and acceptability of telepharmacy among independent pharmacy owners, the association between the three variables, and the influence of external factors such as age and years in business on the three variables using the Technology Acceptance Model or TAM. The researchers utilized and modified a twenty-twoitem research questionnaire adapted from Patel's study from 2021 in order to collect data for this investigation. The questionnaires were distributed to independent pharmacy owners in Bacoor, Cavite via Google forms and hard copies. In the study, the researchers were able to acquire consent and responses from 23 pharmacy owners residing in Bacoor, Cavite for the main study. Overall, both pharmacist and non-pharmacist owners have positive views when it comes to the perceived usefulness of telepharmacy. Moreover, while drugstore owners have favorable attitudes and deem telepharmacy to be acceptable, they are still uncertain due to the challenges of adopting new technology in their workplace, as well as patient privacy and confidentiality. In the end, the respondents still demonstrated a willingness and readiness to attend training certification programs and a likelihood of working in such environments if given the opportunity.

First Advisor

Timothy Jay L. Bengala