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Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy


Tablet Disintegrant, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Cocos nucifera


Microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) is a pharmaceutical excipient commonly used as disintegrant. This study aimed to prepare and characterize the properties of MCC from the mesocarp of C. nucefera, a common industrial waste in the Philippines, and evaluate its used as a placebo table disintegrant. The coconut shells were subjected to alkaline treatment, bleaching, and acid hydrolysis to prepare MCC. The average percentage yield of MCC from C. nucifera was 65.92% w/w/. Based from the physicochemical characterization including SEM and FTIR results, the prepared sample was confirmed to be MCC although still containing impurities such as lignin. Prior to disintegration testing, the formulated placebo tables passed all quality controls tests. All batches of placebo tablets using the MCC from C. nucifera disintegrated faster than the standard. It was found to exhibit shortest disintegration time at the lowest concentration of 5% (15 min), followed by 15% (18 min), and lastly by 10% (25 min). Overall, the research showed that the mesocarp of C. nucifera can be a good source of MCC for local industries and its use as a tablet disintegrant in different formulations is suggested to be further investigated.

First Advisor

Darwin I. Carrido, RPh