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Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy


Starch, tablet binder, bamboo, bambusa bluemana schult


This study used an experimental research design. Alkaline treatment was employed in the extraction of starch using 0.5N sodium hydroxide and subsequently subjected to evaporation to dryness and lyophilization independently. All of the five extractions following ETD method were positive with starch content using iodine test while only three out of five extractions from lyophilization method gave a positive result, with average percentage yield of 62% and 63% starch respectively. However, the physical and chemical characteristics of the extracted starch demonstrated impurities and non-conformance tot he theoretical results, but was comparable with the result of the standard used (soluble starch from extra pure potato). In-process and finished product quality control tests of the formulated placebo tablets passed the requirement for table formulation and demonstrated good binding properties.

First Advisor

Darwin I. Carrido