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Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy


hair growth, Amaranthaceae, seed oil, bunga-bunga


Physicochemical evaluation described bunga-bunga seed oil (5%w/v) as smooth, waxy, with a characteristics odor and mustard yellow appearance. A percentage yield fo 1% (w/w) of ricinoleic acid resulted during percolation Although phytochemical analysis showed only the significant presence of alkaloid, the analysis also showed the presence of fixed oil through grease spot test. meanwhile during the animal testing, the fixed oil obtained from bunga bunga showed hair growth activity both in the initiation time and hair length measurement. In the initiation time the bunga bunga seed oil sample registered a shorter growth initiation time compared to the standard and negative control. Meaning it took lesser number of days for the positive observance of hair growth in the denuded area. Results of the blinded hair length measurement of the 25 hairs randomly collected from each rat indicated a comparable effect with the standard ricinoleic acid. Therefore A. sessilis seed oil is effective in potentiating hair growth activity that may be attributed to the ricinoleic acid present in the extract. Initial screening for skin toxicity showed no irritation or allergic reaction.

First Advisor

Alicia P. Catabay, RPh, MSc, PhD