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Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy


cellulose nanofibers, peanut shells, arachis hypogaea, disintegrant, placebo tablet, Arachis


The study was conducted to characterize the physical and chemical properties of CNF extracted from peanut shells using various tests. Moreover, formulation of a placebo table with the extracted CNF as a disintegrant, evaluation of the method extraction used in the extraction of CNF and test parameters of formulated placebo tablet according to USP standards, determination of the disintegration time of the placebo tablet using CNF with varying concentraton, and comparison of the disintegration time between the formulated tables with CNF sample and formulated placebo tablets with standard micro cystalline cellulose was also conducted. The study used an experimental research method with the use of the available equipment in the De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute, College of Pharmacy. A three-part process was used to extract the cellulose nanofiber from the peanut shells; the first part of which is the alkaline pre-treatment, the second part is bleaching the fibers to obtain a whiter fibers and the third part of the acid hydrolysis where in the CNF is already extracted. The data gathered was used to compare the extracted CNF to the standard microcrystalline cellulose. Based on the data gathered, the findings of the study are as follows: the formulated placebo table with 3% disintegrant of extracted CNF had an average disintegration time of 7 min 22 sec; 5% disintegrant had 11 min 26 sec; 10% disintegration time of 11 min 12 sec; 15% disintegration time of 13 min 01 sec, which shows that 3%-15% of CNF is an effective amount to disintegrate tablets at a faster amount of time.

First Advisor

Darwin I. Carrido, RPh