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Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy


antibiotic, attitudes, knowledge, practices, Antibacterial Agents


A descriptive research design was used in the conduct of the study. The sample size was calculated using the formula of purposive sampling. The calculated number of respondents per college is 21. Data gathering were conducted on April 16-20, 2018 and survey questionnaire was disseminated in the school campus. The survey questionnaire was made in English and contained 4 parts: first section contains demographic information of the respondents, 10 questions in measuring the knowledge, 11 questions in attitudes and 10 questions in practices regarding antibiotic use. Results from the data gathered were analyzed using statistical package for social sciences. Post hoc test specifically Scheffe's procedure was conducted for simple comparisons of means. The study concluded that there was a significant difference found in knowledge, attitudes and practices of the graduating students of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute. Findings showed that respondents had high knowledge and good attitudes, but had incorrect practices towards antibiotics in many ways.

First Advisor

Louie Fernand D. Legaspi