Factors affecting the willingness of employers in Santa Rosa, Laguna in hiring post-schizophrenic applicants

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Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy


Schizophrenia, Job Application


The primary objective of this study is to determine which factors affect the employability of the post-schizophrenic applicants and if they fit the profile of the companies. A descriptive research design was used to gather information from the employers of different companies in Santa Rosa, Laguna, who served as the respondents of the study. Respondents were asked to fill out a survey form that contained questions determining which factor they think could have an effect in accepting applicants in their companies. The survey forms were collated and the pertinent information was used in formulating the conclusion and giving recommendations. Descriptive statistics used were frequency distribution and obtaining the measures of central tendency such as mean, median and mode. The employers from different companies were divided into small and large scale. Twenty six (26) out of the 45 small-scale companies are willing to hire post-schizophrenic applicants The same goes with the five (5) companies from the 15 large-scale. In each factor, the number of companies considering it differed. However, all of the factors presented by the researchers may affect the employment of the applicants, both in small and large-scale companies.

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