Level of participation of primary caregivers of chidlren with autism in programs of Dasmarinas City local government

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Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy


Autistic Disorder, Caregivers


The study was designed to acquire knowledge and understanding on how frequent do families specifically the primary caregivers who have children diagnosed with autism participate in different programs, seminars and activities in relation to autism. The main objective of the study was to determine if the level of participation of primary caregivers who have children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in programs in the Dasmarinas City government programs created for them. Other objectives of this study were to determine the profile of the primary caregivers of children with autism in Dasmarinas City, to determine the profile of the child with autism, and to determine how frequent the participation of the respondent is in different Dasmarinas City government programs. In order to gain the needed data, the respondents of the study were asked to accomplish a 4-page questionnaire. A quantitative descriptive research design was used in the conducting this study. The non-probability type of sampling design was chosen to select the sample population. The study was limited to respondents in the different areas and barangays of Dasmarinas City, Cavite. The researchers went from house to house to present informed consents and questionnaires to the families who were registered from the master list acquired by the researchers that was provided by the City of Dasmarinas. They also interviewed the respondents via phone call and e-mail in situations when the researchers are unable to go to each house. The results of the study were further computed and organized through the use of frequency and percentage. The study showed that families participated actively and some not due to some circumstances.

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