The relationship of preferred sitting posture on work performance of call center agents in Carmona, Cavite

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Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy


Sitting Position, Work Performance, Call Centers


A quantitative research design was used in the study. Convenience sampling was used to select the participants. A total of 42 call center agents were included in the study. The researchers developed a printed questionnaire for the implementation and an online questionnaire with the same content using google forms for the pilot study. Data was analyzed using the Spearman Rank Correlation. The study concluded that there is no relationship between preferred sitting posture and work performance of call center agents in Carmona, Cavite. From the 30 participants were male while 11 were female with a mode age range of the participants is 23-27 years old. The preferred sitting posture of the population is anterior sitting posture.

First Advisor

Alyza Vernon A. Reyes

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