Determinants affecting the wearing of orthosis of middle-aged adults with rheumatoid arthritis in Barangay Malagasang 2-E, Imus City, Cavite

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Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy


Orthotic Devices, Arthritis, Rheumatoid


The study used quantitative-descriptive research design, wherein eight (8) respondents were gathered using purposive and convenience sampling methods. A researcher designed questionnaire which consisted of dichotomous questions regarding demographic data and the different determinants was administered and accomplished by the respondents. Data was analyzed through frequency distribution and measures of central tendency, specifically the mean values. Results of the study showed that out of the five determinants, namely personal, cultural, physical environment, social, and virtual influence, social influence was most described as many agreed that it influence the wearing of orthosis while physical environment was the least described to be affecting wearing of orthosis. However, all respondents of the study agreed in other statements under each determinant, which indicated that all have a certain influence whether they are either wearing their prescribed orthosis or not.

First Advisor

Pamela Grace O. Hernandez

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