Changes in social participation among adults diagnosed with stage IV cancer in Metro Manila, Philippines

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Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy




A phenomenological research design was used to interview patients as one family member, caregiver or significant other of the patient to be able to obtain said results. The study made use of a self-made interview guide. From the data gathered from the interview, Collaizi's method was used to formulated themes from the patient's transcripts. Using purposive sampling technique, participants are adults of ages 35 to 60, diagnosed wit stage IV Cancer and receiving treatment within Metro Manila. The result of the data showed that there are negative and positive effects of the diagnosis upon the social participation of these patients. The cessation in most social participation and engagement with previously enjoyed social activities are due to declining physiological functions and perceived physical changes. Most patients however, still desire to maintain and stay connected with people that are significant to them.

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Alma Ysabelle M. Flores

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