Perceptions and approaches of caregivers towards the sexual behaviors of adolescents with autism spectrum disorder in Dasmarinas City, Cavite

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Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy


Autism Spectrum Disorders, Sexual Behavior, Caregivers


The study is descriptive-phenomenological in design, done trhough interviews with 13 primary caregivers of adolescents with ASD, obtained through purposive and snowball or referral techniques under non-probability sampling. Data was collected through audio recording of the interviews which were transcribed by a person outside the research group. Data from the transcriptions were analyzed, and resulted to nine (9) emergent themes: categories of sexual behaviors of adolescents with ASD, significant patterns of sexual behaviors of adolescents with ASD, reaction from and effects on others, caregivers have positive and negative perceptions toward sexual behavior, sexual behaviors worry caregivers, demands on the caregiver role, dichotomy in approaches, common sources of approach, and dichotomy in responses of adolescents with ASD. Key findings from the study suggest that the nature of the caregivers' approaches towards the sexual behaviors of their adolescent children with ASD can be ralated to whether their perceptions of the matter are positive or negative. Nevertheless, the welfate of their children remain their priority when it comes to their approaches, and given that they are well-aware of their responsibility in guiding the adolescents, they remain active seekers of helpful information.

First Advisor

Louise Odeth O. Leosala

Second Advisor

Eve Barbara L. Reynante

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