Types of social support needed by elderly residing in selected nursing homes

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Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy


Aged, Social Support, Nursing Homes


This study is a descriptive quantitative research design under a purposive sampling which cates elders ages 65 years old and above, currently residing in a DSWD recognized and/or accredited nursing homes. Elders who are currently residing in the selected nursing homes were in the young old age of 65-70 and are mostly female who are single and have been a residence of the facility of 3-4 years. The research instrument utilized was a questionnaire that is comprised of two parts: the demographic data of the elders and the MOS-Social Support Instrument Survey. Frequency distribution, percentage and Spearman's Rho. Abandonment as the main reason for stay due to the absence of a spouse of any family member to take care of the elders. Due to this reason, the needed social support by the elders is emotional support which is often received from a spouse and/or children. The most received is tangible support since they are currently residing in the nursing home who are entitled to provide goods and medical services. There is no significant relationship between the demographic data and type of social support needed by elderly in the nursing home. There is an evident dearth of literature regarding the experiences of elders as to their social support needed inside the nursing home, the researchers have recommended to broaden the services given by the nursing homes and to occupational therapists and other health care professionals to provide more involvement and advocacy towards elders residing in nursing homes.

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Denmark A. Dimapilis

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