Perspectives on environmental factors affecting the employment of persons with disability in selected service-oriented jobs in Cavite

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Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy


Disabled Persons, Work Performance, Disability Studies


This study used a qualitative approach. Six (6) PWDs respondents participated in this study. Sampling method that was used was non probability purposive sampling and the participants were documented to be working on different service-oriented jobs in Cavite as manicurists, masseurs, and hair dressers. The researchers used a self-made interview guide questions that was externally validated by three (3) credible validators. Data analysis used was Stevick-Colaizzi-Keen method. the findings of the study showed that PWDs considers technological influences, discrimination and government strategies as a barrier to PWDs' employment while moral support is considered to be a facilitator to PWDs' employment.

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Marfin Dela Pena

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