Perceived benefits of team sports on the behavior of children with ADHD ages 8-11 in Cavite

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Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy


Attention Deficit and Disruptive Behavior Disorders, Team Sports


The researchers used a quantitative descriptive research design for the study, wherein the researchers aimed to determine the perceived behavioral benefits of team sports in children with ADHD. To gather the data, a questionnaire that was validated by five professionals, and pilot tested on 10 occupational therapists was used. Respondents were selected using purposive sampling. The questionnaires were distributed in the selected clinics in Cavite via hard copy, the respondents were Occupational Therapists who handled or is handling kids with ADHD age 8-11 years old who may or may not have attended team sports. There were 35 questionnaires distributed but only 20 occupational therapist responded, and only 16 were included in the study. The gathered data was analyzed using a non-parametric frequency distribution table. The results showed that most of the respondents answered "strongly agree" and "agree" in questions on teaching the child to practice patience along with teaching the child to follow through self-direct goals and goals given by the family, coach and other person with authority. It also helps in encouraging the child to wait for his or her turn in any activities (e.g. waits for his or her task or turn to do his assigned task). In conclusion, majority of the respondents perceive positive benefits of team sports on the child's behavior.

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Eve Barbara L. Reynante

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