Drug rehabilitation readiness of the cities of Bacoor and Imus, Cavite for local drug surrenderers

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Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy


Substance Abuse Treatment Centers


The research study is a quantitative-comparative study which aims to characterize the readiness of the participating cities and examine differences using tables for comparative analysis and meaningful interpretation. Purposive sampling technique was used. All chosen respondents actively participate and are reliable for drug rehabilitation within their city. Theses two cities have the largest number of surrenderers, which means that there is a pressing need for facilities, staff, and procedures to follow in order to carry out intervention for the drug surrenderers. The respondents for this study are any city health unit officer that is legally registered government official working under the City Drug Abuse Council. Self-made questionnaire was used. In line with this, the researchers looked into how occupational therapy could help in the man power, physical facility, and technical procedures aspect of a drug rehabilitation program. For the man of power, the researchers looked if there was an occupational therapist in place and what other professionals were available; because OT was not included in the list of personnel that the DOH gave out for staffing in each city's health office. For the physical facility, the researchers looked if there were available place wherein they could accommodate the drug surrenderers in conducting assessments, treatments, and rehabilitation. For the technical standards both assessments, treatment and planning, the participating cities almost have all of the programs in their current situation in their respective municipality. The researchers entered all collected data manually with each entry compared individually to verify accuracy. Upon completion, the data was then evaluated and presented in tables for comparative analysis and profound interpretation. With this study, the researchers found out that the participating cities have this certain man power, physical facilities, and technical standards. In relation to occupational therapy, almost all areas stated in the questionnaire have significance to occupational therapist. With occupational therapy in the community drug rehabilitation, the drug surrenderers will receive treatment and rehabilitation that can be of help in reaching their goal from the different aspects of the domain of occupational therapy.

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Denmark A. Dimapilis

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