Occupational hazards and its contributing factors of jeepney drivers in Bacoor, Dasmarinas, and Imus, Province of Cavite

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Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy


Occupational Diseases, Public Utility Drivers


The research design was that of a descriptive-quantitative type. Using stratified random sampling, the total number of respondents were 57, a value based on the Slovin's formula, which was used to obtain the significant number of the sampling size. Questionnaires were used to guide the data gathering process, with the supplemental use of the interview method to receive the pertinent information. The researchers used frequency and percentage in order to tabulate the data and be able to interpret it. There were 5 general factors that the occupational hazards were based on, which were the personal, physical, health, cognitive and other factors. For physical factors, most of the jeepney drivers were in the age range of 25-29 years old, which were those from the middle-age group, and the majority of the jeepney drivers in Cavite were males. Most of the jeepneys being used by the drivers are self-owned. A high percentage of jeepney drivers maintain their jeepneys by themselves, sometimes take care of the maintenance of their jeepneys. Most of the jeepney drivers have no companions with them that help them in collecting face and giving out change to the passengers. The most prevalent years of experience as a jeepney driver is that of the range from 5-20 years of working as a jeepney driver working for 53 hours or more every week, spending less than 4 hours of resting in a day. Majority of the jeepney drivers in Cavite always use seatbelts while driving. The most prevalent physical factor that jeepney drivers experience would be the vibrations that occur while inside the jeepney. The most prevalent cognitive factor that jeepney drivers in Cavite experienced is that of giving the wrong change to passengers. Having an improper eating schedule was the most prevalent health factor of jeepney drivers in Cavite. Finally, the most common other factors that jeepney drivers in Cavite experienced was that of being exposed to noise pollution. The most prevalent hazard that Cavite jeepney drivers experienced were car crashes and low back pain.

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Audrey Sue G. Onas

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