Ergonomic evaluation of armchairs used by students 10-12 years old of Sta. Cruz Elementary School S.Y. 2014-2015

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Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy


Ergonimics, Chairs, Children


This study aims to evaluate the armchair dimensions in Sta. Cruz Elementary School in relation to the anthropometric profile of the students. The study utilized comparative-descriptive research design. The research locale of the study is Sta. Cruz Elementary School which was chosen using convenience sampling. A 4-week data gathering collection process was conducted in order to aggregate pertinent data such as the anthropometric measurements of the students, dimensions of the armchairs that they are using and the students' demographic profile. The researchers then used ergonomic evaluation methods presented by different literature to assess the ergonomic fit of the chairs. Mean, mode and standard deviation were used to analyze the data gathered. In conclusion, the researchers found out that all of the dimensions of the armchairs used by students 10-12 years old are ergonomically misfit except for the seat clearance measurement. It is also found out that seat height and seat depth of the chairs, ideally, should be adjusted with regards to the stature of the students.

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