Accessibility of public utility jeepneys to persons with disability in Dasmarinas, Cavite

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Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy


Person with disabilities (PWD), Commuting, Transportation


A phenomenological qualitative research design was used in the study to determine the perception of PWDs regarding the accessibility of PUJ. The researchers conducted an in-depth interview composing of open ended questions to gather necessary data. The data gathered resulted to the formulation of four (4) themes. Using purposive sampling, this research opted to choose 12 participants with orthopedic conditions in each list and called for a preliminary interview to find out if they fit the inclusion criteria. Data was analyzed through Colaizzi's method. The results have showed that public utility jeepneys are accessible to person with disabilities in Dasmarinas, Cavite. A major factor that affects the accessibility of public utility jeepneys would be their condition. In conclusion, there have been dichotomous opinions about the difference factors that may affect the accessibility of PUJs to PWDs regarding the different factors, the researchers have learned about their insights as to their utilization in PUJs. A majority of the PWDs have shared favorable opinions like being helped out when boarding and alighting the jeepney by other passengers.

First Advisor

Pamela Grace O. Hernandez, OTRP

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