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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


substance use, Drug Overdose, health effects


The study utilized a quantitative, non-experimental, descriptive research design and with a total population sampling of 100 respondents, aged 16-18 years old. Fifty (50) respondents from Special Health Sciences Senior High School of De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute and 50 respondents from Congressional National High School-Dasmarinas. The tool used was an adapted modified tools from the National Institute on Drug Abuse namely the National Drug IQ challenge (2010), MDMA (ecstasy) quiz, marijuana quiz and heads up: methaphetamine-A quiz. The tool consisted of 15 multiple-choice questions that focus on the top three drugs in the Philippines namely, Shabu, Mariuana and Ecstasy. (PDEA, 2012). Data was analyzed through frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation. Based from the results of this study the following conclusions were drawn: 1) There are equal number of respondents regarding their sex and type of school but majority of them are Catholic; 2) Majority of the respondent have a high level of knowledge about the Health Effects of Substance Use; 3) There is no significant difference in the level of knowledge of adolescents regarding health effects of substance use when they are grouped according to sex, type of school and religion.

First Advisor

Jeeno Jay C. Frani