Enhanced breastfeeding performance among first time mothers using multimedia approach

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing




The study utilized the quasi-experimental study, which is a pretest post-test type. The study was conducted in two barangays of Imus, Cavite. The treatment group was composed of forty (40) first time mothers as well as the control group. Purposive type of non-probability sampling was used. The research instrument was a self-made based from the video from a website of http://www.lansinoh.com. Data was analysed using percentage distribution, mean, and t-test. Majority of the respondents were 21-23 years old, married, high school graduate, unemployed and earns 10,000 and below. Respondents correctly performed the breastfeeding between those who were exposed and not exposed to the intervention, both the control and treatment group pre and post demonstration, before and after the multimedia approach. There were significant difference between those who were exposed and those who were not exposed to the intervention of multimedia approach. Though both showed result of correctly performed, still it showed that multimedia approach had improved the level of performance of the first time mothers.

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