Discovering meanings : a symbolic interaction involving psychiatric nurses

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Psychiatric Nursing, Nurse-Patient Relations, Communication


Qualitative research design was used and the approach was symbolic interaction which refers to the different social interactions that were unique and confined only within the psychiatric ward. Purposive sampling was utilized in this research. The researchers handpicked the participants who would take part and are typical of the population. Three (3) staff nurses qualified as participants of the study. Observation, records review and interview were used for data collection. Data was analyzed through the use of Colaizzi’s method. The study concluded that the staff nurses in the Female Ward exhibit and share among themselves, the members of the healthcare team, the patients and the relatives of the patients an exclusive interaction that allows them to function more competently. These interactions are symbolic because they are shared meanings that can be understood, utilized and learned and they exist within the natural setting even though their existence can either be deliberate or not. In the setting of the observation, these symbols have results that may be considered as flaws of nursing practice but this did not hinder the staff nurses to play the roles they were expected to play. These symbols allow their work to become easier because of their distinct communication.

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