A glance at the lives of psychiatric nurses

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Psychiatric Nursing, Clinical Competence


This study used the phenomenological approach of qualitative research. A purposive type of sampling was used. Selection of participants was primarily based on the staff nurses’ own experiences. A total of eight nursing staff from two psychiatric institutions were chosen. Four psychiatric nurses staff from Cavite Center for Mental Health and another four psychiatric nurses from National Center for Mental Health. were chosen regardless of their age, sex, civil status and years of service or experience in the institution. Using a tape recorder, the researchers had personal interviews with the participants to gather information. The interviews were then transcribed in verbatim. Colaizzi’s phenomenological methodology was used in the analysis. From the results of the study, it can be concluded that psychiatric nurses underwent a step-by-step process during the course of their work. These include the nurses as beginners, as adjusted individuals, as experienced psychiatric nurses and as veterans in their profession. With all these lived experiences, the participants have grown as a matured person not just mentally and physically but emotionally as well. Their experiences are unique compared to the other fields of nursing because being a psychiatric nurse is a tough job, considering that the patients they handle are mentally ill. They are prone to physical injuries that will be inflicted by their patients because some of them are acting violently and they may be caught unaware of this possibility. Aside from this, it was undeniable that there were instances that they cannot avoid to feel sympathy for their patients, though this is in contrary to what is being taught in nursing. It was also evident that a psychiatric nurse, aside from being equipped with the knowledge and skills relevant to her practice, he/she needs to possess certain personal qualities that will make him/her fit for the particular field. While the needed personal qualities may not be present during the initial exposure to the psychiatric nursing job, this can be eventually developed as he/she continues to practice in this field

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