Social processes in the clinical exposure : nursing students' symbolic interactions

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Nurse-Patient Relations, Social Interaction


The symbolic interactionism approach was utilized in the study and it sought to determine the social processes experienced by nursing students in their clinical areas together with the meanings that they attach to the symbols they used in interaction. The study was conducted in the different clinical areas for five consecutive weeks. Purposive sampling was used to determine the participants of the study. Data gathering involved participant observation and journal recording. Analysis of data was formulated leading to the creation of themes and sub themes. The study concluded that, the clinical areas as we discovered in our study is more than just a place of learning nursing procedures, but a venue where we discovered ours sense of belonging in terms of language, symbols and values we captured; it was a venue also for understanding the social symbolism in the experiences of others in the health care team; regardless of differences, were all bound by the clinical setting where common aspirations, struggles, dreams, and desire for competence in patient care is achieved.

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